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Safety and Security

Safety and Security films are designed to hold glass together in case of breakage. This thick clear film is often anchored to the frame for extra strength. Ideal for earthquakes, child safety and intruder protection. Our films are heavy duty and can be retrofitted to non-tempered glass. Most building codes require glass to have safety film applied to windows without tempering.

Souther California is known for its earthquakes. Glass breakage in earthquake is extremely dangerous. Our safety films are ideal for protecting your windows and glass in case of an earthquake.

We invite you to experience first hand all of the safety benefits of these films. We are available daily for free estimates. Call us today to set up an appointment. 866-703-8468.

U.S. ARMY strong

US ARMYThe same film we offer our commercial and residential customers is the same film we use on recruitment centers for the US military. This film is used as bomb blast mitigation film. Strong enough for even a bomb. Watch the below video to see this incredible film in action. vv

Child safety

Retro fit your existing glass with safety film to baby proof your home. This film makes sure your glass wont shatter into sharp fragments. This film also reinforces the existing glass making it stronger. Call us today for a free in-home estimate

Intruder Protection

Windows are a buildings weakest point of entry for intruders. We have the best solution to this problem. Our film is so strong it can comletely hold up to whatever a criminal can throw at it. Our super strong anchoring system physically bonds the film and glass to the window frame. Watch the below video to see this film in action.

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Commonly Asked Questions
  • Q: Does the film go on the inside?
  • A: Typically the film goes on the inside, however, some films can be installed on the exterior.
  • Q: How long does the film take to dry?
  • A: Depending on conditions, the film takes 1-2 weeks to become dry.
  • Q: Are all films reflective?
  • A: No. We have many different styles of film depending on your needs.
  • Q: Where are your films manufactured?
  • A: The films we use are manufactured right here in the U.S.A.
  • Q: Are your properly licenced and insured?
  • A: Yes, we carry full licencing and insurance through the state of California.
  • Q: How long does the installation take?
  • A: A small to medium sized job takes 1-4 hours and a large size job can take 1-3 days.

6 Great Reasons for Tinting!

Heat RejectionHeat Block Image
Window film helps block the sun's energy by reflection and absorption. Heat gain in a building can cost a fortune in cooling costs. Window film is the only solution for maximum heat stopping. Our film can block up to 79% of the total energy! This is a dramatic night and day difference. Often window film is all your windows need to keep cool indoors. Call us today for a free quote!

Block U.V. Raysstop uv rays
All of our films block the same amount of ultraviolet rays: 99%(uva/uvb). UV rays are a major cause of fading. This can be extremely harmful to hardwood flooring, furniture, artwork and clothing, causing them to bleach out and discolor. Our film will significantly slow the fading process. Our UV blocking films are ideal for skin protection and recommended by the National Skin Cancer Foundation.

Cut Bright Glarestop glare
A key factor in controlling a room’s environment is to cut glare. Glare is bright ambient light, which can be harsh on the eyes. By dimming the bright sun you can dramatically enhance views by not needing to squint to see outside. Our films are incredibly clear allowing for maximum view and shade. We have many shades to choose from to suit your needs.

Enhanced Lookhome tint
Window film can improve your buildings curb appeal by making your windows look consistent and uniform. We have quite a variety of great looking films that can match your building. Interior looks are improved as well. Outwardly views are dramatically improved making for a clear vibrant view outside.

Safety and Securitysafety window film
Safety film holds glass together in case of glass shattering. Retrofit existing non-tempered glass to become super strong safety glass. We use long lasting film that is extremely thick and clear. Ideal for earthquake protection, child safety, and intruder prevention. Learn More »

Added Privacyhome window tinting
Many customers of ours appreciate the privacy window film gives them. The one-way mirror film is reflective on the exterior and non-reflective on the interior. This allows you to see clearly out while still maintaining privacy. This application is great for security purposes as well, as film hides merchandise or inventory.

Architectural Films by SunTek

We are proud to exclusively offer SunTek Window Films entire line of products. We hand selected Suntek among many great film manufacturers. Suntek is the industry leader for optical clarity, heat rejection and natural color properties. Suntek films are made in the U.S.A. and are backed by factory 10 year and lifetime warranties. We invite you to see for yourself what a difference the right film can make. Learn More »

  • sun picture

    UltraVision is a spectrally selective film that is amazing at blocking the most amount of heat as possible. These films are light and non-reflective. This clear film is great for galleries, windows with views and window displays. Feel the difference this film without the "look" of film. Learn more about suntek »

  • Symphony Series

    Symphony Series is a deluxe dual-reflective film. This film is our most popular option. Great at stopping heat and adding privacy while enhancing views. This film is great for high heat areas and general purpose window tinting. Experience first hand the incredible natural look of this quality film. Learn more about suntek »

  • Anti-Graffiti Film
    Anti-Graffiti Film

    Graffiti is a huge problem for many street level businesses across Southern California. Our thick clear film appears invisible on your glass and is tough enough to stop any vandal from scratching or etching the actual glass. Our films are long lasting and come with a 2 year warranty from Suntek. Let us help you protect your expensive glass from getting damaged.Learn more about suntek »

  • Safety and Security Films
    Specialty Films

    Frost and specialty films can improve the look of any glass. This film is ideal for interior office, conference rooms and bathroom windows. Find out about our line of specialty film today. Learn more about suntek »

  • Safety and Security Films
    Safety and Security Films

    Securing glass is important for many applications. These films help hold glass together in case of breakage. This is important for keeping unwanted visitors from breaking into buildings. Safety film is also ideal for earthquake protection. Reinforce your glass with our super strong film.Learn more about suntek »


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